Friday, October 17, 2008

To Cure Cancer, Find the Cause of Cancer, the Origin

There is a new theory going around that I think has some merit, about the cause of cancer (the illness). Sometimes if you know the cause of something in your own life, you can find ways to deal with it or even fix it.

The theory states that the root of cancer is a highly painful emotionally charged experience that happened to the person in the past. The painful event happened, and some time later the person is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Not every time, mind you, but apparently sometimes. For example, in the news recently there was an article about a woman whose husband was in the army and died in Iraq (or was crippled; I didn't read it fully). Some time after that, she came down with cancer, and her whole family just felt so sorry for her. If this theory is true, then it's obvious to me what "experience" the woman went through that caused her cancer!

So let's see now. If an emotional trauma is the origin of the cancer, then what could possibly cure it, or at least alleviate it? Why Emotional Freedom Techniques, of course! This is an amazing area I have been playing around with myself recently. I cured my own 40-year-old food allergies (blogged about here), and have nearly cured my Asthma now - for the first time in my entire life, I don't have to take medicine for it every day. I haven't had to take a puff of Advair for about 3 months, and I can't even remember where my Albuterol inhaler is (I used to carry it around in my pocket everywhere, in case I had an attack). I discovered that food allergies and Asthma are both emotionally rooted, not physically rooted. This is why medical doctors haven't cured them yet.

I highly doubt they're going to develop a physical medicine that can cure an emotional problem any time soon!

But when I read that emotional freedom techniques like TAT ( and EFT ( can help with the emotional sides of Cancer, I thought, "oh yea, that makes sense, Cancer is such an emotional issue for the victim and their family, I can see how these exercises could relieve the emotional pain for everyone involved, while the person is treated and eventually dies." But then I read more about it. They're actually proposing that TAT and EFT could completely cure the Cancer!

Well, that bowled me over. I could hardly believe it. My wife has a friend who's bed-ridden and dying of cancer right now. Her children have been sent away to live with another family member (sister, I think?); she doesn't have much time left in this world. Had I known about this a year ago, we might have been able to help her.

I mean, think about it. How emotionally tormenting would it be to hear the news that you have cancer? Emotional shocks hurt your immune system, making the cancer even stronger. But TAT and EFT are two emotional exercise systems which might, possibly, cure Cancer?

I say, don't believe it until you see it. If you have cancer, isn't trying one-more-thing worth it? Aren't you willing to try anything to stop it? If someone close to you has cancer, wouldn't you want to recommend something that could save their life? Especially when there's no needles, no drugs, and no cost whatsoever? TAT and EFT are completely free. Go over to the web sites and download the instructions right now! I did, and I'm glad I did.

I'm currently using EFT to rid myself of some hangups I have related to calling customers on the phone and negotiating money deals. I run my own business and I am my own salesman, so it's important to get over ridiculous issues like that. EFT has improved my live tremendously, and my family has benefitted a lot from what I've done for myself with EFT.

I'm going to tell my various cancer-involved friends to try TAT or EFT. I mean, who wouldn't try it? And, if it works, let the doctors think they miraculously cured you. Maybe it will puzzle them, and inspire them to find a cure for Cancer.