Thursday, December 21, 2006

I just found a new album that I totally love, by a band called Kill Hannah.
I love music with strong female lead, powerful lyrics, overwhelming electronic sound, great editing & mixing. Kill Hannah fills this bill completely.

How would I describe this band?
Think of: Hole, the way they could have been. Courtney Love just cannot sing. The lead singer of Kill Hannah sounds amazingly like Courtney, but with vocal control, great pitch and timing. This makes the music that much more powerful and energizing.

The album I have is Believer. There are 2 songs on there I have to listen to over and over again (don't you love it when you find a CD like that?): "Lips Like Morphine" and "Crazy Angel".
Hearing a female vocalist singing "I want a girl with lips like morphine / knock me out every time they touch me" is beyond intense.

I hate bands where the lead singer's voice is out of control. Courtney Love is not the only one like that; Shakira is equally terrible. Shakira can really shake it, but her voice drives me insane, I can't stand it.

If you like power female techno/pop bands like I do, check out two of my other favorites. The first you've surely heard of - Evanescence.

My all time favorite band is one you may not have heard of - Garbage. Shirley Manson can even whisper, and it's powerful. Their latest album is not that great; you have to listen to the first 3 albums: Garbage, Version 2.0, and Beautiful Garbage.