Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm really excited about my new job. I recently left my old one, and now I am part of Fastech Learning Center, which teaches many programming languages quickly and in a practical, hands-on way. I'm starting to teach Perl and Unix courses, with more to come in the future (PHP, MySQL, HTML/DHTML, Javascript and CSS, since I know those already).

This is a fun place to be - I was getting tired of working for the multi-mega corporation where I would never get to see the other parts of the business. As an engineer I never really got to see much related to finance, marketing, or even manufacturing of the things I helped design. I was really getting curious about those aspects of business.

I am really happy with my work now. Teaching is probably the most fun job I have ever had, next to software design. In my new job I get to do both - software development helps me stay up to date with the latest technologies like Web 2.0, AJAX, playing around with the Distributed Object Model (DOM), etc.

It's so much fun to see people learning something new from me, and being successful at using it.