Friday, April 11, 2008

The Best Mailing List Manager

I've been using an email Autoresponder for some time now, which is the most awesome mailing list management system I've ever seen. It has all the features I've always wanted and more. It's web-based and very easy to use.

It's the Aweber Autoresponder System. Once you subscribe, you can set up as many different mailing lists (autoresponders) as you want. My favorite feature is the ability to schedule emails to go out at aspecific time and day in the future! I can "queue up" a bunch of messages and have them sent one-per-week if I want. I can log in at any time and edit the ones that haven't gone out yet, see when my "queue" is going to run out, and schedule new ones.
I put a link on my web site to encourage people to join the list - and I can send a link in email, to people I know who would enjoy the lists.

You can compose messages in graphical-format or text-format on the web site, or you can do what I do - compose them with your own system (a macro-to-HTML language I invented, in my case), and then cut-n-paste the HTML right into the message window. I put both HTML and text in my messages, for people with older mail-readers - in case they can't receive rich media messages (or choose not to).

Anyway, it's a great system - if you've ever considered maintaining a mailing list of highly-qualified individuals for your business, you should check out Aweber.

You don't have to commit right away - sign up for their free demo first:

AWeber Demo
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