Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's fun to watch people dance. Everyone has different ways of dancing. Dance is like a person's fingerprint: no two people are alike.

To me, dance is an expression of energy. One's body and emotions work together to direct flows of different kinds of energy in visually intriguing ways.

You can't keep your eyes off of a really good dancer - they attract and hold your attention. They evoke something from you that you can't find anywhere else.

I know some people think that dance is only sexual. It certainly can be. But that's not all it can be; there's much more. Dance can inspire and uplift the viewer, they can feel it in their heart. And the viewer energizes the dancer. There's a 2-way flow of energy between performer and audience, a kind of cyclical hurricane of energy that can build and build, seemingly endlessly.

Dancing just feels great, too, way more than any other form of "exercise" I have ever experienced. Once you get past the fear of performing in front of others (if you have that), it's such a great release. Dancing can make you feel like you're on top of the world, like you can do anything in this world that you set your mind to. Probably because it's true.

Why don't we feel that way all the time? I am not sure. I think if anything inspires you as much as dance inspires me, you need to do that thing regularly; whatever it is. We all need an energy adjustment from time to time - and we each have to figure out what it is that does that for us. We're all different, yet have many common things in our psyche and personalities. For me, dancing is a fix-all, so long as I can just let go of my petty problems and issues and feel the flow of movement and energy.

I think that the more humanity learns to dance in different and interesting ways, the more depth of understanding we'll have about our world, our reason for being, our future, and about each other. Dancing is beyond an "international language", it surpasses all language, connecting to something in us that's deeper and stronger than any language. You can't see it on television; all the lowest quality dancers can be found there. You need to see dancers with real talent. Michael Jackson had great dance talent in his time. Usher has it, you can tell from many of his dance videos. But overall, top ballroom and latin / salsa dancers have it. To see the good ones, you've got to go to a professional dance competition or showcase and watch the professionals dance.

Perhaps if the leaders of the world practiced dancing, separately and then together, they would be able to find more common ground on the topics that "really matter", instead of always being at war with each other. They could add their energies together, instead of subtracting from each other. (They were supposed to learn to cooperate in Kindergarten; what the hell happened with that, anyway?)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My wife asked me to do something, which I believe is the funniest thing I've ever been asked:

"Honey, don't forget to turn the basketball hoop so the dog doesn't fall in the pool again."

In order to understand this, you have to know what our back yard looks like.
We have an in-ground pool with a short basketball hoop on a pole plugged into a hole in the cement edge at one end of the pool, so you can swing it 360 degrees around. It's usually pointing away from the pool so people can walk by, but when you want to play pool-basketball you swing it back around to face the pool again.

The basketball hoop was pointing to the side at an angle. Our little dog Heide walks around the pool often times.

The day before, Heide fell into the pool right near the hoop and nearly drowned.
We think it was because she bumped into it, or maybe she was being chased by a cat or a bee or something. (She's a small, not-very-brave doggy, but she's a sweetheart).

It's just that my wife's question sounded so mechanical, like the instructions to a Flash game or something...

Your goal: turn the basketball hoops to get all the evil dogs to fall into the pool.

Coming to a flash game archive near you.